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U. S. Fure Skating Championships Kansas City January 14.

Anabelle Langlois is out of the mix, via retirement, leaving Cody Hay on speed-dial in his partner search.

Pairs and Ice Dancers It's the relationship, not the romance, that's.

Cra Buntin — previously joined with Meagan Duhamel after earlier parting company with Valerie Marcoux — has likewise departed the scene. But no great hardship there since the 24-year-old had pretty much decided to hang ’em up at the conclusion of last season, after failing to qualify for the Games, the second slot behind national champions Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison going to Langlois and Hay.

<em>Pairs</em> and Ice Dancers It's the relationship, not the romance, that's.

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And the title-holders aren’t here for Skate Canada because Davison suffered a knee injury whilst practising a jump last week. But Duhamel had a change of heart over the summer, electing to replace the boy part of her pairs tandem rather than skating off into the sunset with too many goals un-met.

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So she rousted up a hitherto largely unknown fellow by the name of Eric Radford, who dumped It’s a career salvaged that Duhamel claims not to have seen coming, until the reality of life-after-skating hit her hard.

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